CFDs are complex financial products

CFD is an acronym for contracts of differences. CFD are tradable financial derivatives that reflect the price volatility of the underlying asset. Trading CFD allows for profits or losses to be realized when the underlying asset moves in relation to the position taken, but the actual underlying asset is never owned. Essentially, A CFD is a contract between a ‘buyer’ and a ‘seller’ to exchange the difference between the current price of an underlying instrument (shares, currencies, commodities, indices, etc.) and its price when the contract is closed. 24option.com is one of the fastest growing online forex and CFDs brokers, as well as one of several online trading brands that is owned by rodeler Ltd, a Cypriot investment firm (CIF) regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CYSEC). This makes 24option.com is MiFID compliant and legally authorized to operate anywhere within the Eurozone.
CFDs are complex financial products and are not suitable for all investors.
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